Mermaid Single Panels - Various Sizes & Colours
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Mermaid - Single Panels

Mermaid Wetwall Panels

Panel Sizes:

590 x 2400mm Tongue & Groove
900 x 2400mm Straight Edge
1200 x 2400mm Straight Edge

Waterproof Mermaid:

The core material is WBP plywood, which unlike ordinary plywood, is water-resistant. Bonded to the WBP plywood is a high pressure decorative laminate which is impervious. The tongued-and-grooved joints mean the panels to fit tightly together. When fixing the panels a colour-coordinated sealant is used. This combined with the patented "Click-Seal" corner profile guarantees that the Mermaid system is completely leak proof.

How it works 


Thats the long and short of it on average itll be 25% cheaper than installing tiles, and generally itll be even lower than that still. This is mainly because Mermaid panels do not require a specialist tiler. As an addition to this Mermaid panels last much longer than tiles further saving on the full life cost.

MouldNo more mould

Were fed up of grout, it takes a long time to apply, its a nightmare to clean and after a while it just goes mouldy. Theres no grout used with our panels, so that means no more mould.

CalendarExtra time

Mermaid panels are so much quicker to fit than tiles that itll save you money and the effort of getting someone in for long periods of time. Of course it also means that youll be without your bathroom for a lot less time, which is great. We dont have anything against tilers though, so if you do want to use one, you can, it just wont take them as long to fit a Mermaid panel as a wall of tiles.

CleanbottleAn end to tough cleaning

A selection of our panels are now available in our patented Mermaid Antibacterial Coating. This is incorporated into the panel during the edit production process and means once bacteria comes into contact with the surface the bacteria basically die. Look out on the colours pages to see which panels are available.

Mermaid Installation Video