Zamori 90mm High Flow Shower Waste - Chrome
Zamori 90mm High Flow Shower Waste - Chrome

Product Overview:
90mm Zamori shower waste, Universal 90mm shower waste will fit all 90mm waste outlets including all the Zamori tray range.

Product Information:
90mm waste diameter

Zamori Tray Info:
Underside of tray pre-marked for fitting of feet
10 years guarantee
The super thin Zamori trays are only 35mm high which gives a modern, minimalist appearance to even the simplest and most cost effective installation method.

The low 35mm height allows the tray to be sunk into the floor so that the upper surface is level with the floor. The framed rim still allows good water retention to avoid water seepage, especially when combined with the self cleaning Vortex high flow shower waste ( which clears up to 30 litres of water per minute).

Zamori offers optional adjustable legs and panel sets for raising the tray 100mmabove the floor. This allows for easy access to any plumbing, and is often the preferred option when retro fitting a new tray into an existing location. The packs include removable acrylic side panels to match the shower tray. These are held in place by magnetic clips to make maintenance easy.

All Zamori shower trays are impregnated with an anti-bacterial zeomic agent.

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